Winter Immersion Program: 2017 - 2018

  1. School of Natural Medicine: Quantum Botanicals, Herbal Medicine and Healing Diets.

  2. The Plant Medicine Wisdom Collection at The Shift Network.

  3. Healing Leaky Gut Program with Dr. Axe.

  4. The Critical Strategy for How to Detox Your Body Naturally with John Douillard

  5. ACIM Connect Webinar: Detoxing Home & Body

  6. ACIM Connect Webinar: Resolve Emotions - Resolve Cancer

  7. Future Learn Course: Biochemistry: the Molecules of Life.

  8. SynchroDestiny program at Chopra Center.

  9. Secrets of the Ancient Healers digital course at The Sacred Science Team.

  10. TFT Algorithm Online course at Callahan Technique.

2016 WINTER::